Water Colors

Named after the free-falling rapids of the mighty Congo River, Acqua Livingstone gracefully combines nature’s majesty with man’s inherent facility for beauty and invention. Right within nature’s embrace stands a tower bedecked in delight. An unmistakable aesthetic of living, breathing design. Century Properties honors MISSONIHOME and brings it to a backdrop of natural light where it can truly shine. The tower’s façade evokes the bend and flow of cascading water, a liquid architecture that shimmers in the sun and sparkles at night. An architecture that holds itself up to the magic it keeps inside.


Water Falls

In the process of finding the sea, young rivers can erode the bedrock upon which it flows, creating magnificent waterfalls. In a breathtaking parade of dance and drums, these uninterrupted pillars of falling water showcase the creative forces at work needed to sustain life.

Inspired by rivers and forests and waterfalls, Acqua celebrates nature at its glorious best.

Water Marks

Livingstone is the newest tower to rise from Acqua Private Residences, a masterpiece development taking its cue from nature’s blueprint. An urban community that features lush, tropical rainforest-infused design with breathtaking waterscapes and verdant foliage.

At the confluence of two great cities, Acqua is uniquely positioned to provide its residents with the idyllic pleasures of a river in renaissance and the vibe of a city in constant hum.

Tropical rainforest-infused living located a short drive from downtown Makati via a new bridge…

A true oasis of serenity and solitude amidst modern life’s ever-quickening pace.

*Artists Rendition

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